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Fairies and the elements of nature

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The Secret Language of the Fairies

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Song of Elves

Song of Elves

by Briony

Magic Sun and Light of Stars
Shining brightly on my fairy face
Write my name in fairy sand
and enter now in fairy land

Earthelves joyful, small and red
Speak now first this magic spell
Deep deep digging for treasures bright
Crystals clear deep in the night

Water fairies splatter splash
Splatter all my worries wet
Flowing now my thick thick tears
Laughing warm golden sunbeams

Fire fairies, sun beams might
Celebrating in the night
Fire dance, flickery flame
Fire fairies are never tame

Fairies of the air, fragile and free
So light as a feather true can be
Fly beyond your dreams (and) behold
Fairy wings, open (and) unfold

Sun fairy in my hart
The elements of nature do enchant
With my magic I give you beams
Look how Mother Earth gleams

The fairy school: a unique educational method for children


The fairy school was born in Belgium, and is a unique method to educate children in authenticity and in softness. Our goal is to stimulate children in creative entrepreneurship in balance with the environment, and based on an inner balance (emotions, feelings, thoughts, ...).

In the fairy school we learn to make magic with the power of the four natural elements (earth, water, air and fire). We discover the qualities of the different natural elements together with the earth fairies, the water fairies, the fire fairies, and the air fairies. The children of the fairy school learn fairy dances, fairy songs and theatre techniques. They create their own magical poem, and learn to shine on stage in our fairy theatre. They learn to balance their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and experience dream journeys to the fairy world. And they learn the secret language of the fairies (or the language of the hands – mudrās. cf. infra), which is in fact the language of the heart.

When children master the different qualities of the natural elements they are capable of doing magic, or making their dream come true.

  • The air fairies teach us that everything begins with a dream, an idea, or a thought. You can look at thoughts as if it were clouds floating through the air. We pick up some thoughts, and we let others float away. Therefore different people can pick the same thought at the same time.
    The fairies of the air also teach us that we should use our wings to fly beyond our limits. They teach us that the sky is not the limit, and that we should use our creativity to realize our dreams. Dreams represent our mental abilities.
    In our fairy theatre we have dream angels. Dream angels bring fairies sweet dreams. So children who often have bad dreams or who are scared to go to sleep can call the dream angels. We also have a huge dream bag. In the fairy school we make dreams and put them in the dream bag. Then we all can take a dream out of the dream bag, and receive an important massage about our life.
  • The fire fairies teach us that joy is extremely important. They like parties, playing , are often very naughty, and laugh a lot. Everything that we create should have its origin in joy, not in guilt, nor in feelings of fright, sadness, ...
    Quite often we are confronted with a series of measures for sustainability. And sometimes we feel guilty, because we use electricity or too much water.
    The fire fairies teach us that there is enough for everyone if all people create in harmony with the natural elements. If you want to create in harmony with the natural elements in the outside world, you should have an inner balance of your elements. The outside world is a reflection of your inner world. If people have an inner balance they will automatically make new creations in harmony with the people around them, with society, and in harmony with nature, with earth. And these creations will be fulfilled with joy and stimulate other people to do the same thing.
  • The water fairies teach us to balance our feelings and emotions. They teach us that we can use water to make all worries float away. That happens when you are sad or anxious, and you take a shower. All emotions flow away with the water.
    The water fairies also teach us to be soft. It is very important to educate little children in softness. Because children are so open and dependent on us. Softness gives them the space to explore and express themselves.
    Everyone likes to be treated with respect. But you can only truly respect another if you respect yourself. If you are OK with your qualities and your incompetences, and you carry them out in softness, you will feel OK about the qualities and lacks of them that the people around you have. This can also help children a lot to learn about the patterns of bullying. A child who feels an inner balance will never have a need to bully another child. Bullying always happens out of frustrations, out of jealousy and/or out of pain. If you heal the source of pain, the need to vent frustrations upon another will disappear. It is important to teach children that they should not put the responsibility for their feelings upon another, but take full responsibility of their own inner balance or imbalance.
    Fairy children who master the element of water can easily transform their emotions. This process of realization gives you an extreme power. We are all creators and can create enormous things.
    Water also learns us to be flexible and to go with the flow. The world is evolving and in a fast, continuous process of change. So we need people who are extremely flexible and can adapt themselves to all kinds of situations concerning climate change, economical change and societal change. We need people who can find an opportunity to grow and create new things out of destruction or during changes.
    Water fairies take care of their body. They like massages and water dancing. Or should I say belly dancing?
  • The earth fairies teach us that we need the element of earth to give our ideas an earthlike shape. We need our two feet rooted into the ground. Otherwise our ideas keep on floating further away. And we will never be able to realize our dreams. The native people are still very connected with the element of earth. They believe that everything in nature has a living essence and that we should have respect for every little plant or stone.

Perhaps now you can imagine what magic in the fairy school is all about? It is about making your inner dream come true. Like Walt Disney once stated, being a person whom walked the ladder of both an inner dream and outer actions.

It is very important that we educate children in this way, because children are still connected with their inner dreams. They still believe in fairytales and in doing magic. They like to dance, sing, perform on stage, be creative, ... If you look in the eyes of a little child you can see purity, authenticity.

Why is it that adults don't always carry this purity? It is because they as a child were not seen and treated in an authentic way. Your parents had their expectations and the school wants you to get good grades. And after a while you lose the connection with your inner dreams. Then you're living the dream of someone else and you're not realizing your own dream. You always feel like there is something missing in your life. You don't know why you are here or why you are actually doing what you do. If you really want to feel fulfilled and happy, you have to make contact with this dream and realize it.

The fairy in this project symbolizes the mystical child which is present in everyone. It is connected with your inner dream and believes that all dreams can come true.

Children are spontaneous, authentic and full of joy. They are in balance with the natural elements inside and with the natural elements in the outside world.

I hope you can feel the importance of introducing these concepts into regular education. Do we want to create "businessmen" who want to fill an unfillable emptiness in themselves? And therefore create businesses which are based on the proposition of 'we win, you lose'. Or do we want to create "enterprises" who create their business in balance with themselves and in balance with the environment based on the proposition of 'we win, you win'?

Another interesting fact about fairies, elves or natural spirits is that they pop up in all kinds of stories, myths, and that you can find them in every culture. Their appearance is sometimes different, of course. And yes, nature looks a bit different in every country.

What do all countries have in common? Nature. In every culture we have plants, trees, ... and yes, the elements (water, earth, air and fire).

Fairies also exist in all kinds of forms, just like nature and just like humans. They can be thick, thin, long, small, strong, black, white, green, yellow, girl, boy, ... (even appear to be human?)

I have an invitation for you: you can learn the song of the elves about the four elements together with the children in your home country, and make a movie about those elements and what they represent in your culture. I will publish this on my website (www.fairytheatre.com) so that we can learn from each other what the four elements represent, and what their magical power is.

Author: Briony Vanden Bussche

Briony is a kind of mother of fairies in Belgium. She gave birth to a fairy cd and book, a fairy school, a fairy theatre, and a fairy arts festival. In this fairy theatre she performs together with Fabienne and her fairy team (children who are trained in the fairy school). She is also a teacher of economy, and coaches people who want to start their own business.

The Secret Language of the Fairies

The secret fairy language is a magical language in which the hands are used. In India they call it mudrās. It is part of Yoga and dance. It is used to empower energies, and to tell stories about nature and different Gods.

In our fairy theatre the devas are the family of the fairies. They help to remember our ancient knowledge. In India the word deva means god or deity (female: devi; goddess), and can be another name for a fairy as well.

The Indian Temple Dance is a thousand years old way of dancing. The dancers consider their body as a temple. When they dance, they invite the Gods to visit their body. They offer the elements earth, water, fire and air. Their hands are connected to their hearts, and every finger has a different meaning and element.

  • pinky = water
  • ring finger = earth
  • middle finger = ether
  • index finger = air
  • thumb = fire

Using the fingers is like a massage of the brain and the body. It is harmonizing, and activating body and mind.

There are several mudrās which are very good in helping children concentrate, for example in the classroom, or to get rid of stress after an exam.

As fairies we can tell magical stories with our hands. Stories about animals, nature, and different qualities like protection, confidence, joy... Also a bird, fish, snake, ... , or a river, forest, fire, etc.

A mudrā can be a blessing to honor all living beings, which are created with the elements of nature.

If you combine the four elements together, what do you get? Magic.

Author: Fabienne Huygen