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Fairy CD

Fairy CD

Published by Anagky bvba

ISBN Dutch Book: 9789079048083 - ISBN Dutch CD: 9789081501002 - ISBN English CD: 9789081501019

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The Flower Fairy and the Butterfly: A fairytale with fairy songs

English Songs:

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Angel lullaby
The water fairy and the sun
The flower fairy and the butterfly The magic fairy spell
Water in my belly
Song of elves
Fairytale 'the flower fairy and the butterfly'
Angel song

Dutch Songs:

Het bloemenelfje en de vlinder
Het waterelfje en de zon
Het grote elfenlied
De magische elfenspreuk

Water in mijn buik
Intro elfensprookje
De zeemeermin

The Story

Mira, the flower fairy, lives in a white water lily in the midst of the fairy lake Tainala.

Throughout her adventures, Mira makes several new friends: the cloud fairy, Lana the water fairy, Honu the giant turtle, the mermaids and the dolphins.

At full moon she takes part in a mermaid’s party where the sea king gives her a very special present: a magic pearl. This pearl develops into an egg producing a rainbow butterfly. The butterfly is gifted with the power to transform anything dark into something light and bright. This is the main task for the flower fairy and the butterfly in the books to follow.

In this story, songs set a dialogue going between the flower elf and a variety of characters she encounters. In a playful way she discovers hidden talents that enable her to communicate with small beings inviting her to a joyful party where the natural elements – earth, water, air and fire – and in this story, mermaids too prevail.

Diane Guelinckx masters the art of transforming the exclusive puppets into near living creatures. Apart of this she has illustrated the different songs in a wonderful way. Briony Vanden Bussche is mastering the art of transforming an unfamiliar subject into a divine fairytale – a real gimmick.

Briony Vanden Bussche is the author – singer and designer of the book and cd. She also is the spirit after the project “Fairy Theatre’. Fairy Theatre is a dance as well as a musical production bringing the stunning world of fairy’s to life in schools, cultural centers and other organizations.

The story on the CD is the same story you can read in the fairy book or enjoy during our Fairy Theatre.